Demonstration of Decimation

by Blackwater

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released September 18, 2015

Tracking: Jake Evans
Mixing/Mastering: Derick Goodsoon



all rights reserved


Blackwater Gary, Indiana

Abandoned city beatdown


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Track Name: Judas' Chair
I have seen the eyes of betrayal
We were once as brothers
but no coward will get the best of me
Cold and alone, I'll watch you burn
You won't live another day
Hanging from a rope, you'll learn to pray
Keep your distance or die a cowards death
Once you've suffered I'll learn to rest

You are Judas in the flesh
You can't repent your sins
Only in blood will your debt be paid
Misery will be all you know
Seeing your face makes my hatred grow

Burn in hell
Solace won't come for you
Burn in hell
Feel your skin turn cold

I've seen you act as if you haven't betrayed
but when your time has come your lament will be outweighed
Cold soul motherfucker

I won't eat, I won't sleep, won't breathe till you bleed
Watch you bleed out YEEEEEAH

Foolish miscreant, pray no more
Your cries for mercy will be ignored
Track Name: Erase Scum
Living in a world full of ignorance.
Racism and homophobia still exist.

The time has come.
Erase scum.
Track Name: Last Rite
Stagnant, I see no progress
The world as tainted as the air I breathe
A soul repressed and mournful walks in my place
Blind, never to see an inch of progress

I've grown cold, I am the object of scorn
The scripture will speak of my damnation

Loss of faith, lost my way, lacked divinity

I've descended lower than than any soul has dared to tread
I've passed the gates of hell glowing in red

Heaven, armageddon, unforgiven
The sheep, the goat, will battle forever in my soul
Track Name: Corrupt
Society is dead, all this blood to shed
Seven thousand warheads while millions go unfed
Endless tyranny, a fucked economy
Won't pledge allegiance, when there isn't shit to see

Politics, religion: pure distraction to slow resistance

Kill the governing hand

I can't stand this shit anymore
Call me a spik, and send me to war
Rigged elections, it's easy to see
Fuck this stupid front and malicious sovereignty

The people have no voice
Police above the law

No reason to wage these pathetic wars
No good, kicked around and sent to fight
The wealth seen as the face of democracy
Unjust, corrupt, an eye for a eye

Hang the foolish mother fuckers
Put their teeth to the curb
Rob them blind and show them what it's like serve
Show no pity to the fucking cowards
Kill their pig friends too
The strongest force against them is me and you